Saturday, May 10, 1986

Sunday, May 4, 1986

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Yay! Family time in TMII! After opened for 2 years, finally we're enjoying the Keong Mas IMAX Theater.

Saturday, May 3, 1986

Rp 30000

Doing a video documentation & got Rp 30000. Yikes. I was hoping for Rp 50000. Well at least I still can get those new Live Aid cassettes in Duta Irama.

Friday, April 18, 1986

Thursday, April 17, 1986

Wednesday, April 16, 1986

I Can Use Macintosh

It's so easy to use! I can make a postcard! Design it! Print it! Without manuals! Without prompt command! Just point & click!