Friday, April 18, 1986

Thursday, April 17, 1986

Wednesday, April 16, 1986

I Can Use Macintosh

It's so easy to use! I can make a postcard! Design it! Print it! Without manuals! Without prompt command! Just point & click!

Tuesday, April 15, 1986

Playing with the Macintosh

It is so beautiful! Look at the screen! Compare to our IBM PC XT compatible with DARK screen & DOS prompt command. You just click with that tiny mouse! I want this computer! I want Macintosh!

Monday, April 14, 1986

Apple Macintosh?

My uncle brought this boxy computer from US. Looks cool! There's a shape of apple logo with 6 colors in it. "It's Apple Macintosh" my uncle says. He's turning it on & showing me how it works. Whoa! There's no DOS prompt there! You can even draw! What is this? A mouse?

Saturday, April 12, 1986

Waiting For Halley Comet 2

Been watching the sky from yesterday & Halley still not showing up. Blame to the cloudy sky? And blame to the Jakarta's citylight! :P

Friday, April 11, 1986

Telegram From Michigan

Got telegram today, informs that my uncle in Michigan, US will going back to Indonesia.

Waiting for Halley Comet 1

Dear Halley, we've been waiting on our roof for hours. Where are you?

Sunday, April 6, 1986

Pondok Cabe Day

Today I'm doing aerial video shooting on a Cessna with an Australian pilot. I'm using our Sony Trinicon video camera with separated recorder. Yes, I do have fear of height but this is just too awesome to skip.

Saturday, April 5, 1986

Yamato II

Watching Yamato II video! Awesome Susumu Kodai! I love you, Yuki Mori!

Where is Bahana FM Office?

Looking for Bahana FM office in Pengadegan. I have to drop the competition cassette. The deadline? Today :P